Marathon County Highway Study

This Marathon County 2050 Highway System Sustainability Study is a planning tool subject to budget appropriation in each County budgeting cycle. Actual revenues and expenditures must be approved by the Marathon County Board in its annual budget.

This study contains the following elements:

  • An inventory of all county highways including condition, traffic levels, crashes and other relevant factors.
  • An analysis of growth and development information to help determine highway service priorities.
  • An analysis of potential future changes to the County Highway System due to anticipated growth or other factors.
  • An assessment of necessary maintenance with anticipated expenses accounting for inflation over time. maintenance, including crack filling, chip sealing, resurfacing, reconstruction, etc.
  • A breakdown of recommended average funding needed to adequately maintain existing roadways

Forest County Potawatomi Community Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan

With assistance from a WisDOT planning grant, the Forest County Potawatomi Community (FCPC) was able to develop a comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian plan to enhance the viability of bicycling and walking as forms of transportation throughout the Forest County Potawatomi Community. The planning project occurred from October 2019 and continued into
the Summer of 2021 with a signifi cant delay resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The process included data analysis, conceptual planning, public outreach, development of a preferred routing, and detailed cost estimating.

Darryl L. Landeau, AICP

Darryl has worked with the NCWRPC since 1993. He has a bachelor’s degree in natural resources from UW-Stevens Point and a master’s degree in urban studies from Mankato State University. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). Darryl works mainly in the areas of land use and transportation.

715-849-5510 ext. 308

Forest County All Hazards Mitigation Plan Update 2021

Part I of the Forest County All Hazards Mitigation Plan (AHMP) Update describes and documents the process used to develop the Plan Update. This includes how it was prepared and who (committee, organizations, departments, staff, consultants, etc.) was involved in the update process. It also describes the local governments involvement, the time period in which the update was prepared, and who to contact to answer questions and make recommendations for future amendments to the Plan.

Transportation Planning

The NCWRPC assists local governments in the preparation of local road improvement programs. These road plans provide a capital improvement schedule for upgrading local roads and help local units obtain LRIP funding for road reconstruction projects. Pavement rating and other assistance with the WISLR program is also available.

In addition, the NCWRPC conducts specialized transportation studies including Safe Routes To School plans, bicycle and pedestrian system plans, traffic counts, and others.

What Types of Services are Provided?

Local Road Improvement Programs
· Counties
· Cities
· Villages
· Towns

WISLR Assistance
Road Rating Assistance and Training
Safe Routes to School Planning and Assistance
Bicycle Facilities Planning
WisDOT Traffic Count Data
Access Management Studies
Alternative Route Studies
Corridor Studies
License Plate Surveys
Parking Surveys and Studies
Specialized Studies and Surveys
Identifying Sources of Assistance
Preparing Grant Applications for Federal/State Programs

Transportation and Land Use Planning:

The NCWRPC provides professional planning assistance in the areas of land use management and policy development, zoning, subdivision and other regulations, as they relate to transportation systems.

Because of the close relationship between land use and transportation, the transportation planning process involves the planning of land uses as well as transportation systems and facilities.

Specialized Studies:

NCWRPC Staff assists local units of government to identify transportation problems and develop viable solutions. Services can range from preparing a study or plan to securing financing for community projects to drafting an ordinance.

Title VI Notice

Non-Discrimination Policy Statement

The NCWRPC operates its programs and services without regard to race, color, age, sex, disability, low income, limited English proficiency, and national origin in accordance with the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.

Contact Darryl Landeau, Transportation Planner, 715-849-5510, with any questions.

North Central WI Regional Planning Commission (NCWRPC)

Title VI and Non-Discrimination Program / Limited English Proficiency Plan

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Title VI Plan

Title VI Complaint Procedure

Title VI Complaint and Comment Form


The Mission of the Northwoods Rail Transit Commission is:

To sustain and enhance safe, reliable and efficient rail service critical to the businesses, communities and economies in northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


The Mission of the Northwoods Rail Transit Commission is:

To sustain and enhance safe, reliable and efficient rail service critical to the businesses, communities and economies in northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.