Land Use Planning – Comprehensive Planning

NCWRPC is responsible for the development of a regional comprehensive plan for the ten-county Region. The Regional Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2004, the first regional comprehensive plan in the state under the new planning law, and was last updated in 2015. The mid-plan review of that document will be developed in 2020. NCWRPC also prepares other regionally focused plans from time to time.

What Types of Plans can be Provided?

Comprehensive Plans
Specialized Land Use Plans
Park & Outdoor Recreation Plans
Zoning Ordinances and Subdivision Regulations
Sewer Service Area Planning
Wellhead Protection Planning
All Hazard Mitigation Plans
Farmland Preservation Plans
Land & Water Resource Management Plans
Downtown Development Plans
Capital Improvements Programming
Grant Applications for Federal/State Programs

Land Use Planning & Zoning:

The NCWRPC provides professional assistance in the areas of land use policy and management. The planning process is adapted to each community. GIS technology is used to create maps that aid in the visualization of plan outcomes. A range of zoning assistance is available from updating an existing ordinance to drafting a new ordinance tailored to your specific needs.

Community Technical Assistance:

NCWRPC Staff assists local units of government in identifying problems and developing viable solutions. Services can range from preparing a study or plan to securing financing for community projects or to drafting ordinances.

Grant Writing & Administration:

The NCWRPC provides assistance to member counties by both writing and administering various grants. Common grant applications include EDA, USDA, and Wisconsin Department of Commerce CDBG grants.