Grow North Region Housing Study – 2021

Housing is a crucial component of livability and is critical for regional and local prosperity. Communities that can offer a variety of housing types that are affordable across a wide spectrum of income levels are significantly more capable of providing the conditions necessary to attract and retain residents of all life phases. Housing impacts more than just residents, as housing also impacts transportation, employment, economic development, land use patterns, and communities themselves. The connection between housing and work is a fundamental function of any transportation system, as many workers are required to travel to their jobs. This relationship between housing, employment, and transportation guides land use decisions, and fosters economic development and a sense of community within communities and the

Lincoln County Outdoor Recreation Plan 2022-2026

The primary purpose of this outdoor recreation plan is to provide continued direction toward meeting the current and future recreation needs of Lincoln County. This is accomplished through an inventory and analysis of outdoor recreational facilities, asking the public what they are looking for, and the establishment of recommendations to meet identified needs.

Merrill Safe Routes To School

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs are an opportunity to make walking and bicycling to school safer for children in grades K-8, and to increase the number of children who choose to walk and bicycle. On a broader level, SRTS programs can enhance children’s health and well-being, ease traffic congestion near the school, and improve community members’ overall quality of life.

In 2016, 10 school districts won a WisDOT SRTS planning grant as part of the North Central Wisconsin Regional SRTS Program, administered by NCWRPC.

In the fall of 2019-2020, the City of Merrill, and the Merrill School District began SRTS Planning with the assistance of the North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (NCWRPC). The NCWRPC will guide the Merrill SRTS Task Force through the planning process.

The following schools are part of SRTS planning:

  • Jefferson Elementary School (K-5);
  • Kate Goodrich Elementary School (K-5);
  • Washington Elementary School (K-5);
  • Prairie River Middle School (6-8); and
  • Merrill High School (9-12);

    The Merrill Safe Routes To School (SRTS) Task Force consists of people from the schools, law enforcement, local government officials, and local residents.

Pedestrian Safety
Bicycle Safety

Merrill SRTS Plan
Merrill SRTS Plan (without maps)
Full Adopted Merrill SRTS Plan with all maps & attachments

Prairie River Middle School
Map 3A – Site Assessment
Map 4A – Transportation
Map 5A – School Routes
Map 6A – Recommendations
PRMS SRTS Action Plan

Jefferson Elementary School
Map 3B – Site Assessment
Map 4B – Transportation
Map 5B – School Routes
Map 6B – Recommendations
Jefferson Elementary SRTS Action Plan

Kate Goodrich Elementary School
Map 3C – Site Assessment
Map 4C – Transportation
Map 5C – School Routes
Map 6C – Recommendations
Kate Goodrich Elementary SRTS Action Plan

Washington Elementary School
Map 3D – Site Assessment
Map 4D – Transportation
Map 5D – School Routes
Map 6D – Recommendations
Washington Elementary SRTS Action Plan

Merrill High School
Map 3E – Site Assessment
Map 4E – Transportation
Map 5E – School Routes
Map 6E – Recommendations
Merrill High School SRTS Action Plan

A – Student Tally & Parent Survey forms
B – 2019 Results from Student Tallies & Parent Surveys
C – SRTS Task Force Meetings and Adoption Documentation
D – Bicycle Parking Guidelines
E – Three Factors Increase Walking and Biking–CDC

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Lincoln County

Lincoln County is a county located in northern Wisconsin. As of the 2020 census, the population was 28,415. The county seat is Merrill. Lincoln County was created in 1881 and is named after Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. The county is known for its many lakes, forests, and outdoor recreational opportunities, including the Lincoln County Forest, the Wisconsin River and the Ice Age Trail. The county is mostly rural with paper mills and manufacturing being the main industries. The county has several small towns and communities, including Tomahawk, Merrill, and Gleason. The county is also known for its hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling.

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The counties of northeastern Wisconsin have a long history of working cooperatively to address the public safety needs of the area. This latest effort, called the North East Wisconsin Public Safety COMmunications or NEWCOM, will create a group that will identify the communication needs for the area, so the 500 plus law enforcement and public safety organizations can communicate effectively throughout the Region.

The group formed under Intergovernmental Agreement §66.0301, Wis. Stats in 2006

Meetings 2024
February 1st
May 23rd – Merrill – NEWCOM Mobile Communication Event
August 1st
November 7th

Sherri CongletonVilas CountyChair
Ryan BerdalMarathon CountyVice-Chair
Rozanne KahanPrice CountySecretary- Treasurer
Andy FaustNCWRPCNEWCOM Contact

Town of Harding, Wisconsin Road Surface Management Plan 2019 – 2023

A road surface management plan for a local road network provides a town with the ability to plan for future road surface improvements. With a road surface management plan in place, the limited resources allocated to local roads can be better spent. The overall goal of the Road Surface Management Plan is to help the town make better decisions on the improvements to the local road system. This document contains information vital to the review and rating of the Town of Harding’s highway system. Thus, the Road Surface Management Plan will assist in preserving and rehabilitating the existing town road system in a timely and cost-effective manner.