Economic Development Planning

The NCWRPC provides technical grant writing and administrative assistance to communities that are seeking funds from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration. The NCWRPC also provides assistance for a wide variety of other grant programs, including the Wisconsin Department of Commerce (CDBG program), the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and USDA-Rural Development.

In addition, the NCWRPC provides communities with assistance in a variety of other economic development related studies, including: developing economic development strategies that examine the local economy, assess local trends and identify strategies to spur development; and preparing various grant applications.

North Central Wisconsin Enterpreneurship AssessmentSeptember 21, 2023regional
North Central Wisconsin Enterpreneurship PortalSeptember 21, 2023regional
EMSI AnalystJune 1, 2023regional
2022 North Central Region Industrial Park Inventory, Absorption, and Needs StudyJanuary 3, 2023regional
North Central Wisconsin Regional Recovery DashboardDecember 30, 2022regional
Economic Profiles 2022June 24, 2022regional
North Central Wisconsin Regional Health Pandemic AssessmentJanuary 7, 2022regional
North Central Wisconsin Regional Recovery PlanJanuary 7, 2022regional
Marathon County Economic Profile 2022January 1, 2022marathon
Wood County Economic Profile 2022January 1, 2022wood
Vilas County Economic Profile 2022January 1, 2022vilas
Regional Economic Profile 2022January 1, 2022regional
Portage County Economic Profile 2022January 1, 2022portage
Oneida County Economic Profile 2022January 1, 2022oneida
Lincoln County Economic Profile 2022January 1, 2022lincoln
Langlade County Economic Profile 2022January 1, 2022langlade
Juneau County Economic Profile 2022January 1, 2022juneau
Forest County Economic Profile 2022January 1, 2022forest
Adams County Economic Profile 2022January 1, 2022adams
Grow North Region Housing Study – 2021, , , , December 29, 2021forest langlade lincoln oneida vilas
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2021January 27, 2021regional
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2018 Annual Performance ReportJanuary 8, 2018regional
Profile – Wisconsin Regional Planning CommissionsJanuary 1, 2018regional
Lac du Flambeau Workforce Training & Business Development Center Feasibility StudyOctober 1, 2017vilas
Metro Region Economic Development Assessment 2017March 28, 2017marathon
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2017January 1, 2017regional
Adams County Rural and Industrial Development Commission Economic Development StrategyNovember 17, 2016adams
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2016 Annual Performance ReportMarch 1, 2016regional
Economic Development Assessment Report – Regional Livability PlanJune 1, 2015regional
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2015 Annual Performance ReportMarch 1, 2015regional
Northwoods NiiJii Enterprise Community, Inc. Comprehensive Strategic Plan – 2014, , , January 1, 2014forest langlade oneida vilas
Feasibility Study for Former School Site Town of ArgonneJanuary 1, 2014forest
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2014January 1, 2014regional
2015 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy – Executive SummaryJanuary 1, 2014regional
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2013 Annual Performance ReportJanuary 1, 2013regional
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2012January 1, 2012regional
Forest County Potawatomi Comprehensive Plan – 2011November 1, 2011forest
Community Economic Recovery Guidebook – 2011, August 1, 2011regional statewide
Sokaogon Chippewa Community Comprehensive Plan – 2011May 1, 2011forest
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2011January 1, 2011regional
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2010August 1, 2010regional
City of Crandon Comprehensive Plan – 2010January 1, 2010forest
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2009April 29, 2009regional