Adams-Juneau Flood Resiliency Study

This study is in response to impacts suffered resulting from this flood event. The area had rainfall totals of 3 to 7 inches, while some localized areas experienced 9 to 11 inches total. At one Adams County location, a three day of total of 8.2 inches of rainfall was reported. The Wisconsin DNR issued warnings to residents and tourists urging them to avoid contact with flood waters, as well as notification to private property owners to be aware of possible well contamination. In Adams County, several homes were damaged. Additionally, numerous local and county road segments were closed due to water over the roads and culvert washouts, causing damages estimated to exceed $108,000. Reports of flooded parking lots impeded customer access to some businesses. Additionally, the County issued a press release to residents living in low lying areas and those living along the Wisconsin River/Castle Rock and Petenwell Flowages. Conditions above and below dams were considered dangerous, and recreationists and residents were urged to take extra precautionary measures and watch for rapidly rising water. In Juneau County, flooding occurred on the Yellow and Baraboo Rivers. Damages to residential and business properties was scattered throughout those basins. Public sector damages were in excess of $160,000. Several Town and county roads were closed due to high water.