EMSI Analyst

Timely, accurate, and effective reports

EMSI delivers economic reports to regional planners who want expert analysis and detailed, hard-to-find data. Our consultants combine EMSI’s comprehensive labor market data and seasoned economic analysis to produce reports that analyze a broad range of workforce, education, and economic development issues. Unlike other consulting groups, we mine our own data and tailor it to create effective reports that communicate to all audiences. EMSI’s custom economic analysis includes the following major types:

  • Impact studies (education, workforce, and industry)
  • Targeted industry/cluster analyses
  • Workforce/labor market analyses (including competency analyses)
  • Econmic Gap analyses
  • Asset mapping

Another way to think about the work EMSI does is in terms of the questions we frequently address:

  • What is the economic impact of a particular institution or event?
  • Which high-growth industries are most likely to promote a region’s economic development?
  • What comprises the regional workforce (in terms of the industry mix, number of jobs, etc.)?
  • What are the region’s major assets (e.g., population demographics, employment, etc.)?