Regional Livability Plan

The Regional Livability Plan (RLP) will build off of the four Assessment Reports that cover economic development, housing, land use and transportation. The RLP will include information on Demographics, Natural Resources, Cultural Resources, Utilities & Community Facilities, Housing, Transportation, Economic Development, Land Use, Sustainability, Intergovernmental Cooperation, and Implementation. The RLP will incorporate the HUD livability principles, which include more transportation choices, promoting equitable & affordable housing, enhance economic competitiveness, support existing communities; coordinate polices & leverage investment, and value communities & neighborhoods.

Each of the chapters will have three basic sections. The first is “Background” where we examine any previous Federal, state, regional or local reports or studies that relate to the topic. In addition the chapter will identify the planning related issues. The second section is “Inventory” where we collect, analyze and examine data related to the chapter. A variety of tables, charts, and maps will be prepared. Also included will be various federal and state programs that are available to assist local governments, businesses, and other groups. The final section “Goals, Objective, & Policies” will identify measurable benchmarks and livability & sustainability strategies.

Regional Livability Plan (RLP) 10-05-15

RLP Overview

RLP Public Participation Plan (PPP)

RLP Demographics and Issues Report

Resolution #1 Recommend Adoption of RLP