Town of Nashville Comprehensive Plan – 2009

The Town of Nashville Comprehensive Plan of 2009 is a document that describes who we are as a community and public and private resources that are available to us in planning our future. The Plan gives us a comprehensive statistical profile of our community as of 2000 and makes a comparison of change since 1990 on a town, county and state level.

The Plan is a tool and not a description of end results or future planning goals. Citizens of the town and the Town Board and its Plan Commission can draw from the information in the Plan to shape the future development of the community and set realistic goals in planning decisions. What the town’s future will look like remains the determination of its citizenry. The Plan serves as a database and guide for this process.

Adams County All Hazards Mitigation Plan Update 2009

The development of the Adams County All Hazards Mitigation Plan Update is a response to the passage of the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA2K). On October 30, 2000, DMA2K was signed into law by the U.S. Congress in an attempt to stem the losses from disasters, reduce future public and private expenditures, and to speed up response and recovery from disasters. This Act (Public Law 106-390) amended the Robert T. Stafford Relief and Emergency
Assistance Act.

Town of New Lisbon Comprehensive Plan 2009

The Town of Lisbon Comprehensive Plan is intended to be the will-of-the-people in writing for land use planning. When the people’s desires in this community change, so too should this document. Local officials shall use this document to save time when making land use decisions. The Plan will also assist in development and management issues of public administration by addressing short-range and long-range concerns regarding development, and preservation of the community.