Oneida County Outdoor Recreation Plan 2024-2028

Oneida County Forestry, Land, and Recreation Department (FLRD) updates its Outdoor Recreation Plan every 5 years to identify outdoor recreation needs that affect the future of outdoor recreation in the County.

This Outdoor Recreation Plan (ORP) focuses upon FLRD managed outdoor recreation facilities, and also list projects within the towns. Rhinelander’s ORP will be referenced in this plan. All listed nature based and active recreation based projects become eligible for competitive federal and state outdoor recreation grant money when this plan is adopted by County or local municipality by resolution.

Non-profit groups, foundations, and the general public may also use this document to coordinate their own private efforts for developing outdoor recreation facilities.

If a local government is going to use the County Outdoor Recreation Plan as their own, then the local government needs to pass a resolution stating that the: “Oneida County Outdoor Recreation Plan, 2024-2028” is adopted as the local government’s plan too.

2023 Planning Timeline

  • Spring 2023 – Plan background gathering.
  • Spring 2023 – Public Input Survey
  • May 3, 2023 – Survey results, and Goals and Objectives development
  • Summer 2023 – Recommendations presented in draft plan
  • Fall 2023 – County Board considers adopting the plan by resoultion

November 2023 – DRAFT Oneida County Outdoor Recreation Plan 2024-2028

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Oneida County OutdoorRecreation Plan 2019-2023