Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

The development of a Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan involved many people including an advisory group. This bicycle planning document is intended to help local governments, non-profits, businesses, and individuals improve walking and bicycling within your community.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) encourages planning for bicyclists at the local level. Guidelines for accommodating travel by bicycles when roadways are reconstructed, or new roads are built, are available and their use is encouraged by WisDOT. When this plan is adopted, then road improvement grants (up to 80% state funds & 20% local funds) become available for local governments to competitively apply for.

A typical plan includes:

An inventory of bicycling conditions and sidewalks, bicycle and pedestrian crashes with vehicles, and bicycle and pedestrian use areas. Researching where crashes occurred will show where some problem areas exist. Other problem locations will be found through analysis of the bicycling conditions on each major road.

Locations of potential bicycle routes and recommendations for roadway improvements. Maps will show where people are riding and where they plan to ride when it is safer to do so. Recommendation may include bicycle lanes in high traffic areas, and possibly no change along roads used more by bicyclists than vehicles (e.g. low volume roads).

Recommend solutions. The plan will include a combination of education, encouragement, engineering, and enforcement strategies to increase walking and biking.

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