Welcome to the North Central Wisconsin Regional Livability Plan homepage! This is a regional effort to help incorporate the concepts of livability and sustainability in our ten county area. The effort is being led by the North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, a voluntary association of governments created in 1973 to provide planning assistance to its members. A grant from the Transportation, Community, and System Preservation Program (TCSP) is partially funding this effort.

The goal of the process is to create a Regional Livability Plan (RLP) for the ten county region. The RLP will examine housing, economic development, and land use, and how together with transportation we can become a more livable and sustainable region.

Oversight of the planning effort will be provided by a standing committee, called the Regional Livability Plan Committee.  The Committee will review demographic information, the four assessment reports (transportation, economic development, housing, and land use) and the overall Regional Livability Plan. From time to time other organizations will be involved to review the various planning documents. In addition, the RLP Committee will create and adopt a public participation plan outlining efforts to engage the local governments, areas organization, and the public

The RLP Committee will provide oversight to the all of the planning efforts of this process.  Each  Assessment Report will provide regional and county level information, demographics, inventories, maps, as well as identify projects and policies to incorporate the principles of livability and sustainability within the region. Each report will establish benchmarks and metrics for evaluation as well. These assessment reports will become the foundation for the development of the overall Regional Livability Plan. The goal is for the region to become more livable, diverse, self-reliant, healthy, and sustainable.

Throughout the process there will be ongoing communication and outreach. A variety of materials will be developed and distributed throughout the region to increase awareness and advance the discussion of livability and sustainability. Additionally this website will be established, public meetings held, and documents prepared to incorporate the regional vision for the future.

The result of this planning effort will be a background demographic report, four assessment reports (Transportation, Economic Development, Housing, & Land Use) and a Regional Livability Plan for our ten county region.