Minocqua Winter Park Study

This study was developed at the request of the Town of Minocqua to determine the feasability for possible year-round uses at Minocqua Winter Park.

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Full plan: Minocqua Winter Park Study Adobe PDF LARGE 6.3 MB
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1 - Project Area Adobe PDF 430 KB
2 - Natural Resources Adobe PDF 200 KB
3 - Existing Land Area Adobe PDF 180 KB
4 - Zoning Adobe PDF 190 KB
5 - Land Ownership Adobe PDF 250 KB
6 - Customer Service Area Adobe PDF 320 KB
A - Chalet Improvement Requirements (Produced by Minocqua Winter Park Foundation) Adobe PDF 70 KB
B - Grant Opportunities (Summarized by NCWRPC) Adobe PDF 70 KB
C - Potential Parking Lot (Created by NCWRPC) Adobe PDF 250 KB