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The counties of northeastern Wisconsin have a long history of working cooperatively to address the public safety needs of the area. This latest effort, called the North East Wisconsin Public Safety COMmunications or NEWCOM, will create a group that will identify the communication needs for the area, so the 500 plus law enforcement and public safety organizations can communicate effectively throughout the Region.

This page was designed to provide information to the NEWCOM group on current and proposed projects.


NEWCOM Meeting

Report: Performance of regional radio system during Minneapolis bridge collapse

NEWCOM Frequency List

Interoperability ID Plan

NEWCOM Frequency Sharing Letter Status

NEWCOM Exercise Information Handout

NEWCOM Frequency Sharing Letter (Updated 6-24-08)

NEWCOM Exercise Grant Reimbursement Form

NEWCOM Board Members

State of Wisconsin Mutual Aid Communications Frequencies

State of Wisconsin Interoperability Code and ID Plan

Suggested Mutual Aid Frequency Plan

Intergovernmental Agreement 01-24-06 Final

NEWCOM Resolution 10-04-05

CTA Regional Public Saftey Communication Study ES 05-31-05





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