The City of Schofield Outdoor Recreation Plan (ORP) is a five year plan to identify outdoor recreational needs in the City.

Submission of this report to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources establishes eligibility for the City to apply for a variety of Federal and State Aids.

Non-profit groups, foundations, and the general public may also use this document to coordinate their own private efforts for developing outdoor recreation facilities.

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Schofield Outdoor Recreation Plan 2017-2021 Adobe PDF 13.0 MB

Adopted 2017. (Revised: June 2017)

All maps and attachments are included in link above.

1 - Recreation Facilities Adobe PDF 650 KB
2 - Park Service Areas Adobe PDF 690 KB

A - Park Design and Location Criteria Adobe PDF 40 KB
B - Facility Development Standards Adobe PDF 20 KB
C - ORP Survey Results Adobe PDF 900 KB
D - Carry-In Water Access Delineator Adobe PDF 380 KB
E - Financial Assistance Programs Adobe PDF 120 KB
F - Bike Parking Guidelines Adobe PDF 80 KB
G - Sample Gazebos for Radtke Park Adobe PDF 460 KB
H - Bike-Pedestrian Conservancy Path Adobe PDF 580 KB
I - Lake Drive Improvements Adobe PDF 220 KB
J - Business 51 Crosswalk Diagrams Adobe PDF 850 KB
K - Potential Carry-In Public Access Expansion Adobe PDF 150 KB

L - Aquatic Center Privacy Fencing Adobe PDF 170 KB

M - Lower Eau Claire River Water Trail Adobe PDF 7.6 MB