Town of Rib Mountain
Outdoor Recreation Plan

This plan assesses the existing recreation system in the Town of Rib Mountain, identifies recreation needs based upon public input and recreation standards, sets forth goals and objectives to be used as guidelines in formulating outdoor recreation improvements, and establishes recommendations for improving the recreation system over the next five years.

Submission of this plan to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources establishes eligibility for the Town to apply for a variety of Federal and State Aids.

Non-profit groups, foundations, and the general public may also use this document to coordinate their own private efforts for developing outdoor recreation facilities.

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No maps or attachments included: Adopted Rib Mountain Outdoor Recreation Plan Adobe PDF 830 KB
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Full plan: Adopted Rib Mountain Outdoor Recreation Plan Adobe PDF LARGE 8.7 MB
All attachments and maps included.
1 - Recreational Facilities Adobe PDF 1.25 KB
2 - Bike Routes Adobe PDF 650 KB
3 - Park Service Areas Adobe PDF 800 MB
A - Park Design and Location Criteria Adobe PDF 40 KB
B - Facilitiy Design Standards Adobe PDF 20 KB
C - Federal & State Funding Programs Adobe PDF 80 KB
D - SCORP Summary Adobe PDF 400 KB
E - Wausau MPO Bike Projects in Rib Mountain (2009 list) Adobe PDF 20 KB
F - CTH KK - Bike Path Alternative Map Adobe PDF 200 KB
G - Sidewalk Fixes on Rib Mountain Drive Adobe PDF 580 KB
H - Marking Public Water Access Sites Adobe PDF 390 KB
I - Bicycle Parking Guidelines Adobe PDF 280 KB
J - Rib Mountain Bike & Pedestrian Improvements Map Adobe PDF 2.6 MB
K - Rib Mountain's Survey Summary Results Adobe PDF 1.7 MB
L - Potential Base of Rib Mountain Parking Lot Layout Adobe PDF 300 KB
M - Potential Multi-Use Trail Expansion Adobe PDF 145 KB