Marathon County
Comprehensive Plan

Marathon County



The primary function of this comprehensive plan is to establish a framework to influence future policy decisions with the overarching goal of making Marathon County the Healthiest, Safest, Most Prosperous County in the State. The plan also provides a blueprint for growth and development to maintain rural character. In addition, the plan set priorities for public expenditures. To be effective, this plan should be actively used as a tool to guide decisions concerning:

  1. The development and implementation of programs and support systems that further the goals and objectives set forth in this plan.

  2. The implementation and enforcement of regulatory ordinances based on the goals and objectives identified in this plan.

  3. The implementation of specific actions as identified in this plan.

  4. The establishment of a continued planning process providing for periodic review and updates to this plan.


NOTICE: Adopted revisions may have changed maps and/or text in these online versions of the plans.

Please contact the Marathon County Conservation, Planning, & Zoning Department for any adopted revisions to any of the Comprehensive Plans in Marathon County.

The County Farmland Preservation Plan (available here) is attached by ordinance to the County Comprehensive Plan.


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Marathon County Comprehensive Plan Adobe PDF 4.1 MB
Adopted plan. Download maps below:
Executive Summary of Comprehensive Plan Adobe PDF 880 KB


2-1   Population Change 1990-2010 Adobe PDF 1.5 MB
2-2   Projected Population Change 2010-2030 Adobe PDF 1.5 MB
2-3   Six Regions Adobe PDF 1.4 MB
4-1   Housing Unit Change 2000-2010 Adobe PDF 1.5 MB
5-1   Natural Resources Adobe PDF 6.8 MB
5-2   Terrain Adobe PDF 1.16 MB
5-3   Depth to Bedrock Adobe PDF 1.1 MB
6-1   Water Resources Adobe PDF 4.2 MB
6-2   Depth to Groundwater Adobe PDF 1.1 MB
6-3   Designated Waters Adobe PDF 1.6 MB
6-4   High Capacity Wells Adobe PDF 1.1 MB
6-5   Shoreland Jurisdiction Areas Adobe PDF 3.3 MB
7-1   Police Service Adobe PDF 400 KB
7-2   Fire Service Adobe PDF 460 KB
7-3   EMS Service Adobe PDF 400 KB
8-1   Transportation Adobe PDF 1.1 MB
8-2   Metro-Transportation Adobe PDF 775 KB
8-3   Utilities Adobe PDF 820 KB
9-1   Existing Land Use - 2015 Adobe PDF 9.0 MB
9-2   Land Use Change 2000-2010 Adobe PDF 990 KB
9-3   Future Land Use Adobe PDF 7.3 MB
9-4   Farmland Preservation Areas Adobe PDF 880 KB
9-5   Zoning Status Adobe PDF 720 KB
10-1   School Districts Adobe PDF 930 KB
10-2   Education & Industrial Parks Adobe PDF 1.0 MB
11-1   Recreation Areas Adobe PDF 1.0 MB



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