Juneau County
Outdoor Recreation Plan
2012-2017 & Draft 2017-2021

The Juneau County Outdoor Recreation Plan (ORP) is done every five years to identify essential outdoor recreation needs that affect the future of outdoor recreation in the County.

Submission of this report to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources establishes eligibility for the County and local units of government to apply for a variety of Federal and State Aids.

Non-profit groups, foundations, and the general public may also use this document to coordinate their own private efforts for developing outdoor recreation facilities.

Juneau County's Land, Forestry & Parks Department is updating this 5-year Outdoor Recreation Plan (ORP) in 2016.


2016/2017 Planning Timeline

Winter & Spring 2015/2016 - Plan background gathering.

Spring 2016 - Survey - Results summary Adobe PDF (Also download Attachment A).

Winter 2016 - Plan ready for review & approval.

March 2017 - Plan approval considered at Committee level and County Board level.


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FINAL Juneau County Outdoor Recreation Plan (2017-2021) 1.0 MB
Draft plan for Committee approval and County Board approval (uploaded Feb. 22, 2017).
FINAL Juneau County ORP (2017-2021) 4.5 MB
LARGE FILE - Whole Draft plan with maps and attachments (uploaded Feb. 22, 2017).
MAPS (2017-2021)
1 - Potential Trails & Legacy Areas Adobe PDF 650 KB
2 - Juneau County Recreation Adobe PDF 870 KB
3 - City of Mauston Recreation Adobe PDF 440 KB
4 - City of Elroy Adobe PDF 330 KB
5 - City of New Lisbon Adobe PDF 440KB
6 - Village of Camp Douglas Adobe PDF 300 KB
7 - Village of Hustler Adobe PDF 380 KB
8 - Village of Lyndon Station Adobe PDF 330 KB
9 - Village of Necedah Adobe PDF 420 KB
10 - Village of Union Center Adobe PDF 300 KB
11 - Village of Wonewoc Adobe PDF 330 KB
12 - County Forest Units Adobe PDF 900 KB
ATTACHMENTS (2017-2021)
A - Outdoor Recreation Online Survey Results Adobe PDF 470 KB
B - Park Design and Location Criteria Adobe PDF 40 KB
C - State and Federal Financial Assistance Programs Adobe PDF 130 KB
D - Juneau County Landfill Map Adobe PDF 460 KB
E - Potential Hillsboro State Trail Modification in Union Center Adobe PDF 300 KB
PLAN DOCUMENTS (2012-2017)
Juneau County Outdoor Recreation Plan 2012-2017 740 KB
Adopted plan without maps. Download maps and attachments below.