Town of Lac du Flambeau
Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Lac du Flambeau Comprehensive Plan is a compilation of historical data and community created goals, objectives, policies, and programs that will guide future planning and community decisions for a 20-year period. Comprehensive plans incorporate a twenty-year vision and provide a rational basis for local land use decisions.

The comprehensive plan law (§66.1001 WI Stats. Adobe PDF 143 KB) defines the contents of a local comprehensive plan specified in nine chapters —Issues & Opportunities; Natural, Cultural, & Agricultural Resources; Housing; Transportation; Economic Development; Land Use; Utilities & Community Facilities; Intergovernmental Cooperation; and Implementation.

According to §66.1001 WI Stats., beginning on January 1, 2010, if a town, village, city, or county engages in official mapping, subdivision regulation, or zoning, those actions must be consistent with that community's comprehensive plan.


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Adopted Town of Lac du Flambeau Comprehensive Plan 745 KB
Adopted Plan without maps or attachments.
(Download maps and attachements separately.)
1—Location 307 KB
2—Transportation 523 KB
3—Water & Sewer Utilities 250 KB
4—Community Facilities 440 KB
5—Community Facilities-Downtown 85 KB
6—Water Features 800 KB
7—Woodlands 1.8 MB
8—Soil Suitability for Development 1.08 MB
9—Rare Species 425 KB
10—Prime Agricultural Soils 1.5 MB
11—Large Ownership 860 KB
12—Existing Land Use 1.5 MB
13—Future Land Use 1.0 MB
A—Public Participation Plan 36 KB
B—Minocqua-Woodruff (ARV) Airport airphoto 123 KB
C—Lac du Flambeau Band Fact Sheets 80 KB
D—WDNR Water Runoff Management Rules 270 KB

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