Village of Rosholt
Comprehensive Plan

The Village of Rosholt Comprehensive Plan is a compilation of historical data and community created goals, objectives, policies, and programs that will guide future planning and community decisions for a 20-year period. Comprehensive plans incorporate a twenty-year vision and provide a rational basis for local land use decisions.

The comprehensive plan law (§66.1001 WI Stats.) defines the contents of a local comprehensive plan specified in nine chapters —Issues & Opportunities; Natural, Cultural, & Agricultural Resources; Housing; Transportation; Economic Development; Land Use; Utilities & Community Facilities; Intergovernmental Cooperation; and Implementation.

According to §66.1001 WI Stats., beginning on January 1, 2010, if a town, village, city, or county engages in official mapping, subdivision regulation, or zoning, those actions must be consistent with that community's comprehensive plan.


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Final Rosholt Comprehensive Plan 1.6 MB
Adopted Plan without Maps.
1-1—Location 104 KB
2-1—Natural Resources 330 KB
4-1—Transportation 58 KB
5-1—Utilities & Community Facilities 85 KB
7-1—Existing Land Use 120 KB
7-2—Future Land Use 110 KB

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