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Adams County

Counties are revising their Farmland Preservation Plans (FPPs) to meet new requirements designed to better protect farmland. Once certified by DATCP, these plans ensure access to program benefits, including landowner eligibility for farmland preservation tax credits.

Tax credits are not available until Farmland Preservation Zoning is certified, or an Agricultural Enterprise Area (AEA) is established. (See "Farmland Preservation Flowchart in Attachment D.)

Once adopted, the Farmland Preservation Plan becomes an element of the County’s Comprehensive Plan.  This document is intended to fulfill the statutory requirements for both the Farmland Preservation Plan (Chapter 91, Subchapter II, WI Statutes) and the Agricultural Element of the Comprehensive Plan (s66.1001(2), WI Statutes).


The Farmland Preservation Plan is part of the Comprehensive Plan per the ordinance in Attachment C below.

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Adams County Farmland Preservation Plan, 2016 Adobe PDF 380 KB

Adopted Plan; December 2016.

Download maps and attachemnts below:



1—Existing Land Use Adobe PDF 2.8 MB
2—Natural Resources Adobe PDF 2.7 MB
3—Soils Adobe PDF 3.8 MB
4—Cropland Data Adobe PDF 1.5 MB
5—Public Ownership Adobe PDF 1.3 MB
6—Future Land Use Adobe PDF 1.7 MB
7—County Farmland Preservation Adobe PDF 1.5 MB



A—Town Farmland Preservation Maps. Click on map below:
B—Public Participation Plan and Resolution. Adobe PDF 90 KB

C—Farmland Preservation Plan Resolutions & Ordinance Adobe PDF 780 KB

D—Farmland Preservation Flowchart & DATCP Tax Credit fact sheet. Adobe PDF 400 KB

Click on map below to download maps showing farmland preservation areas:

(Each map is a Adobe PDF.)


Town FPP Maps New Haven Dell Prairie Jackson Springville New Chester Lincoln Quincy Adams Strongs Prairie Preston Richfield Monroe Big Flats Colburn Leola Rome Easton



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