WCCA NR115 Guidebook

Wisconsin County Code Administrators (WCCA) received a contract from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in 2010 to develop guidance for county zoning staff and county zoning committees for the implementation of the administrative rule NR 115 – Wisconsin’s shoreland protection program.  Through this guidebook WCCA intends to: 1) Provide its membership guidance on the model shoreland protection ordinance. 2) Attempt to explain NR 115 and make it clear where we feel there is ambiguity and address how counties can continue to provide greater protection for the resource. 3) Provide a menu of policy and procedure options for zoning staff to use in developing their revised county shoreland ordinances and in administering them. 

Many of the participants in the project have shoreland ordinances within their respective counties which already incorporate impervious surface and mitigation standards and it is our intent to share their experience with those who have not yet had to administer these standards.

In this contract, WCCA agreed to establish an NR 115 Implementation Advisory Committee consisting of County Code Administrators to develop topic-related guidance for Wisconsin counties to address how existing county shoreland regulations are best amended to implement state-required provisions of NR 115 that were published as administrative rule on February 1, 2010 and need to be incorporated into county shoreland zoning ordinances by February 1, 2012. 

This guidebook addresses the following components of shoreland zoning with a focus on those that have changed due to the revised NR 115. It includes NR 115 language, DNR model ordinance language, example ordinance language and graphics, and administrative methods and procedures for their effective implementation as follows:

  1. vegetation removal and retention
  2. impervious surface limits
  3. mitigation
  4. nonconforming uses & structures
  5. reduced shoreland setbacks
  6. wetland protection
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Introduction Adobe PDF 97 KB
Chapter 1 Vegetation Removal and Retention Adobe PDF 358 KB
Chapter 2 Impervious Surface Limits Adobe PDF 557 KB
Chapter 3 Mitigation Adobe PDF 1.016 MB
Chapter 4 Nonconforming Structures Adobe PDF LARGE 6.987 MB
Chapter 5 Reduced Shoreland Setbacks Adobe PDF LARGE 2.487 MB
Chapter 6 Wetland ProtectionAdobe PDF 177 KB
Chapter 7 Shoreland Zoning in Annexed, Incorporated or Extraterritorial Areas Adobe PDF 90 KB